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Recent releases:
Epitome & Epiphany: An Abstract and an Afterpiece by John Ridland.
Epitome is a mainly prose summary of the book, And Say What He Is: The Life of a Special Child, published under pen-names (J.B. and Emily Murray) in 1975 by the MIT Press. It is also an Introduction to “In the Shadowless Light,” which was first subtitled “Meditations on the Death of a Son.” (The reader is recommended to sleep on Epitome before turning the page to read Epiphany.)

The Giant Spike-Toothed Salmon and Other Extinct Wildlife of Central California by Julia T. Sankey and Jacob Biewer.
Discover the 5 million year old giant, spike-toothed salmon, massive tortoises and other weird animals of California with this fully illustrated book for all ages!

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